Genre: Action/thriller with family drama subplot.

Logline: Diplomat and genocide survivor, Enza Abrahamian, is about to throw herself off a cliff on Mother’s Day for peace in her land.

Quick Pitch

Muslims attack Christians in Asia Minor’s biblical land of Ur (now the Trans-Caucasus), while a 90-year old genocide survivor and diplomat, Enza Abrahamian, holds the key to peace and she is about to jump off a cliff on Mother’s Day! As rescuers desperately try to save her from herself, Muslim assassins also hunt Enza for blaspheming Allah, although she isn’t about to jump because of that. On the other side of the world, in the U.S., Enza’s ethnically and religiously-fractured family is unaware of the crisis as they bicker and jockey for control of her sizable estate in a revolving rooftop restaurant.

Still a much-admired public figure, and recognized as the face of her tiny nation on the international stage, Enza is spearheading diplomatic efforts for peace when she decides she must resort to a last ditch plan, a drastic new strategy to focus world opinion on the cruel conflict raging in the rugged peaks of Noah’s biblical Ark, between her Christian Tigranian nation and their mortal enemy going back 1,400 years, Azeri Muslims. Peace talks fail when Enza’s murder for blaspheming Allah is sanctioned, and the Azeris led by Enza’s nemesis and childhood neighbor, Yahmed Bey, shamelessly try to annex more ancestral Tigranian homeland. With her natural life ending anyway, she chooses this last dramatic course to capture world attention, and fulfill what she always felt was her destiny by pressuring Yahmed Bey back for negotiations to forge a just and lasting peace. But, before her ultimatum winds through an international chain of events to reach the United Nations, the White House or the President, she lies dying from exposure on a remote ledge. Although Enza never intends for anyone to risk rescuing her, many options are debated that include sending a team into some of the most treacherous terrain on earth for a perilous night rescue. Nerve-racking developments and breathtaking twists in the final act won’t fail to shock and screw you firmly into your seat for an unforgettable climax that not only resolves thorny family and international conflicts, but reconciles Enza with a brother she betrayed in order to survive the genocide, presumed dead for 75 years!

Who are Noah’s Descendants? In fact, who isn’t? This is a life-affirming family drama wrapped inside a global action/thriller; it is a fact-based story of redemption and reunion filled with laughs, suspense and violence, reminiscent of “Life Is Beautiful” in how the unthinkable brutality of mass-murder is portrayed with such grace and honor for the victims. Now with the clock ticking in real time, the scars of a genocide are finally dealt with and play out on perhaps the best and worst Mother’s Day imaginable. “Noah’s Descendants” is an especially rewarding role spanning Enza’s extraordinary life that strong female stars naturally want to play.