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Quick-reading ADULT STORIES and PLEASURE ON THE RUN by innovative storyteller, René Blanco, continue to build steam and gain market share thanks to René’s awesome fans! The next three FlightBooks in the “Fast Fiction” series, INDULGENCE OR GRATIFICATIONS, APPETIZERS FOR THE APOCALYPSE, and BANNED BOOK are receiving their final touches, and during the coming months we’ll be making another announcement with more good news! We will also continue to have fun with our terrific online community. Countless thanks for your interest in René Blanco projects. Here at reneblanco.net we wish you nothing but the best entertainment in 2020!

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René Blanco, author of provocative short stories is also a therapist and accomplished screenwriter. New fast-reading favorites, PLEASURE ON THE RUN and ADULT STORIES display his bold writing style and special dramatic talents. Already a top-notch creator of fast fiction and screenplays, Blanco is poised to be counted as an outstanding American author.




ADULT STORIES: Touching Tales of Love and Loving

ADULT STORIES is four matchless tales of love and loving, introducing us to the warmth of life-enhancing transformation with unforgettable characters.” — Emily Rosen, M.A., M.S., Author, Editor

“One of the boldest collections I’ve read. Pick any page and start reading. You will be intrigued.” — Dr. Paul Faulstich, Professor, Author

“This is an emotional tour-de-force. Blanco fascinates and keeps us guessing until each story’s final revelation.” — Albert Wachtel, Ph.D., Author and Critic


Pleasure on the Run

… from the INTRODUCTION by Author and Educator, Charles Vernoff, Ph.D.

René Blanco reveals the deepest personal feeling and conflict with a crisp new writing style, significant plots and powerful language. This is the mark of one versatile and adventurous writer. Blanco has the courage to sink into the psyche of the characters, to explore their angels and their demons and help them find resolutions. He exhibits a rare sensitivity especially to the hidden corners of the human spirit under duress, making Pleasure on the Run the newest in a series of truly enlightening morsels for the mind by this bright author.

Dr. Charles Vernoff
Cornell College


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