End of War (As We Know It)

An Erotic Romance & Suspense Novel



This is ultimate fast fiction, with all the most modern weapons and armies defeated by bombs that don’t kill! Bombs which also supply unlimited clean energy and purify water in the process! Incredible? Sure. True? Yes! It’s ACTION ADVENTURE! End of War (As We Know It), and this book crackles with more suspense and sexual energy than a perfect date!

After almost drowning on a dangerous dive, young Caleb Todd is shipwrecked, rescued and recruited to work aboard an advanced research vessel by unpredictable new friend, Captain “Gun” Gunderson. They join up with hi-tech billionaire Randy Revere and his brilliant but conflicted scientist girlfriends, Samara and Gaynelle, all of whom are perfecting a radical means of destroying weapons systems that will end armed conflict as we know it. Whether they’re super-rich geeks going rogue or in league with evil people, or they are keeping their secret to control other countries or prevent nations from aggressing against each other, the crew’s ultimate purpose remains unknown. Except, with spies and law enforcement, terrorists and the military sniffing around, then Bahamian pirates led by the infamous Andros Red show up, Caleb can’t escape severe choices and deadly situations through the end.


Table of Contents





  1.  Number One Fantasy

  2.  Warheads and Hammerheads

  3.  Sex Adventure

  4.  The Sweet Spot

  5.  Pink Sky at Night

  6.  Nothing Down

  7.  Joni & The Female Scientists

  8.  Heavenly Bodies

  9.  Brief History of Hell

  10.  Happy Hour at End of the World

  11.  Slamming Good Times

  12.  Tongues of the Ocean

  13.  The Rapture

  14.  Girls of the Bottom Time

  15.  Jewfish In the Brain Coral

  16.  From Twilight’s Last Gleaming to Dawn’s Early Light

  17.  Chapter and Verse

  18.  Slabs of Meat

  19.  Message From God

  20.  Spread-eagled

  21.  Morgan’s Bluff

  22.  National Security?

  23.  Turtle Gore

  24.  Architects of War

  25.  Sure, What Is It?

  26.  Bottom Love

  27.  Her Piece for World Peace

  28.  Muertos Rocks

  29.  Ultimate Survival

  30.  Avenues of Pleasure

  31.  Y-Bomb

  32.  Sex In the Closet

  33.  Gods and Babies

  34.  Mama, I’m Joining the Jihad!

  35.  Just Desserts

  36.  Moneyshot

  37.  Broad Horizons

  38.  Return to The End Of The World

  39.  Great Big Dink (And the Little Dink)

  40.  Best Place In the Universe


Keyed by amazing scientific breakthroughs, this is mainstream commercial fiction with a high-concept plotline and a backdrop of high-seas sensuality and intrigue. It delivers all the expected entertainment value and crossover appeal for readers who love intriguing characters, action/suspense audiences, romance lovers, or segments of the military market. With sequel as well as movie tie-in potential and no direct competition because of the new technologies and unusual quest, the field is open for this ACTION ADVENTURE! franchise to hit with audiences across multiple markets!