Web Apps

Websites, Web-based Systems: Website building, CRM integration, and online are mobile-friendly and SEO Optimized, with Google Analytics included.

  • Websites not covered in the Basic Branding Package can be built, using your domain name and branding schema, for a basic $495 (5 pages) and expanded for only $100 per basic page with text and static images. Complex requests such as animation, interactive multimedia elements, videos, tools and apps, can be quoted as custom jobs.

  • Interactive pitch decks and online flip books available created from your existing document. $100 setup plus $50 per page.

  • Subscription-based email marketing CRM service setup, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact are included in the Basic Package at no additional charge. However, the Client will incur a small monthly subscription fee from the Mail Service.

  • A shared SugarCRM system can be set up and customized to serve all of your companies at once, or individual systems can be built for each company. SugarCRM setup is $995 per setup, and $75/mo hosting and basic maintenance. Note: SugarCRM is NOT an email marketing solution, but can be scripted to pass client data to Mailchimp to update a list.

  • Higher-end integrated CRM solutions such as InfusionSoft may be quoted, if desired.

  • Social Media configuration and support includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Social Media accounts are set up on each of these forums, and the activity may be displayed on your website, if desired. Social Media setup and integration is $295. Ongoing support is available.

  • Mobile Apps are available upon request.