The Key of Life or "Priesthood Symbol" is a helpful tool in reconnecting us with history and our goal "to teach and heal a world in transformation."

The triangle represents the descent of God-Light into matter and toward the Earth for change. It is a “male principle” because it is action going forth. It is Light, Fire, Revelation. It is shown as a triangle in its two-dimensional form, which is also symbolic of the trinity of “Light” or “neutrinos,” the building blocks of unconditional Love that is the Universe. In its three-dimensional form, it is a cone, or vortex of energy spiraling toward the atmosphere of Earth. The Gemstone which is the color of Indigo Blue, is connected to this energy which is called Lapis. Those of you who work color, or crystal (stone) healing may wish to use these elements.

The Priesthood is “the Cup” or receptacle into which this Light is poured and through which the outpouring is given to all those whom you contact, as benefit of that Light. It is the outpouring of the vessel of Aquarius. “Follow the Water bearer!” This fire is a Kundalini life force, which is why so many of you have had life-changing events since your ordination. And, of course, all of this is in accordance with your Free Will.

By the turn of the century, the entire life force of Planet Earth will have been impregnated by this transforming energy. Our job is to help in that process by being the best that we can be to teach and heal right where you are. Bring it down to Earth by being down to Earth yourself. If you’re a carpenter, then be the best you can be, exhibit “oneness” in your life and in your craft. Teach by example and heal through you attitude. Heal through your care about your work and the people you work with and for. Work is Worship.

If you’re a waitress-priest, you serve with “oneness” and teach by your example at your workplace. You heal in your attitude with the clients and the conversations at the table or booth. You all have the freedom to create your ministry in your life, as you live it. Forgive yourself and be focused on one day at a time. You don’t need to be a doctor to be a healer, or a professor to be a teacher. Take what you’ve got and go with it. Be creative and be the vessel for the outpouring of the Light.

The Crossbar is for balance and equality. It is the integration point between the yin and yang (male & female energies.) It is the child of those energies. It is the point where they meet. It is perfect balance and the creative issue that comes from that. It is like the atmosphere around Mother Earth, that takes the Light energy, breaks it up and disperses it around the world through the magnetic field. In third-dimensional form, it is a disk with a point in the center. That represents “BINDU” or the point of origin, the round table at which everyone is equal when they join together and focus on the middle. It goes in all directions equally. Its circumference is the same as the cone and the orb or circle-the bottom of the symbol.

In the Priesthood, we are all equal…none greater than the other…none higher or lower, but all equal in God’s sight. God Sight is color, gender, past, and career blind, etc. It is the seed of the Soul. When the disk is slightly twisted, it creates the pattern of infinity. It is a God Symbol that has no beginning or end, but forevermore, just like the words of your vow. The color of the crossbar is yellow and the stone is Golden Topaz.

The circle is Mother Earth. It is the Female principle. It is the receiver of the Light, that which the Light is being poured into…for the life…for growth…for change. The results of that is change for all forms of life on the plane… all forms, which include visible and invisible…the microbes, the viruses, the people, plants and animals, systems, governments, countries, etc. As Priests, we are midwives for God in this process. Each of you is uniquely designed to do your part in this process of transformation. Mother is a loving part of God’s body, the universe. Our thoughts, feelings and deeds directly affect her atmosphere and her skin and body. God desires that she continue to live and that we must change in order for that to continue. The goal of the Priesthood is to teach and to heal during this time of Mother’s rebirthing process. The color green and the stone is Emerald.

For those who use geomancy or sacred mathematics, the number values are:

  • Triangle = 7,
  • Crossbar = 7 and
  • Circle = 8,
  • it totals 22.
    Twenty-two is a Master frequency for liberation.

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