Responsible Service
Each Priest is legally ordained under “Sanctuary of the Beloved,” an incorporated, non-denominational church in New York State and in the United States. Many are concerned with the possibility of being sued as a result of counseling or healing work. Always encourage clients to consult with a physician.


Consult with your state (in the United States) or your country’s laws as to counseling, healing and Pastoral Liability Insurance.

If you are approved as a non-profit organization by the Federal Government, you are allowed to receive donations which can be claimed as a deduction on the donor’s income tax. If a tax-exempt organization acquires land on which to put a building, it may apply for an exemption from property taxes. Materials purchased to build, as well as the cost of maintenance and supplies for the building, are exempt from sales tax.

No one receiving salary or payment for counseling, weddings or services performed is exempt from income tax. Anyone may perform baptisms, dedications, funerals, memorials services, blessings, meditation. Remember, however, that all personal income is taxable.

Many have chosen to establish a church or non-profit organization. We must be independent of each other for financial reasons. We cannot be held financially responsible for the Priests. You may need the assistance of a lawyer to file incorporation papers for a non-denominational church and register the name you choose at your County Courthouse. Your lawyer will apply for you to the Federal Government for non-profit status, followed by your application to your State for Sales Tax Exemption. You may then apply to the US Post Office for a Non-Profit Bulk Rate for your mailings.

The Federal Government will want to see evidence that you are a real organization with regular meetings, ongoing classes, bulletins or newsletters and an active membership. In order to be approved as a non-profit organization, you must first exist but cannot accept donations until you are approved. Other countries have tax laws which may differ. Please become knowledgeable by researching your own individual situation.

In order to perform weddings in the US, you must check with the county clerk’s office, at which the couple received their marriage license, to find out if there is anything you must do to perform a marriage ceremony in that county. Rules vary from county to county. In 90% of the US, there is nothing you need to do. So long as you are duly ordained in an organized church, you may perform the ceremony and witness the signing of the license.

In some counties, you may need a letter on church stationary verifying your ordination and sometimes you may need a copy of the incorporation papers to prove our existence. Only those living near New York City, Washington, DC, certain counties in Virginia, Ohio and the State of Hawaii have needed such documentation. We will be happy to provide it for you only if you really need it.

Please ask ONLY if this is required!